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Operation Price
Disposable examination and sampling tools. 50 CZK
Insertion of intrauterine contraceptive device, including checking ultrasound scan of the uterus, with the checkup of the position of the device after its application and giving advice to the patient. 1000 CZK
Application of an intramuscular contraceptive injection. 150 CZK
Application of a vaccine (Cervarix, Silgard). 150 CZK
Sampling for cytology into the liquid medium by LBC method.     700 CZK
Sampling for chlamydia infection test (upon patient request). 1500 CZK
Sampling for cultivation of vaginal discharge (upon patient request). 700 CZK
Postponement of menstruation for nonmedicinal reasons, including recommendations to the patient and issuing a prescription. 200 CZK
Consultation with a client registered in a different healthcare establishment - according to the scope of the possible clinical examination and the length of the consultation. 600 - 1500 CZK
Complete gynaecological examination including cytological smears and ultrasound examination of the lesser pelvis for uninsured patients. 3000 CZK
Examination and treatment of uninsured patients according to its range and possible laboratory tests. 1500 - 3000 CZK
Examination outside the surgery hours. 500 CZK


Ultrasound Price
Ultrasound scan photo. 50 CZK
Ultrasound examination of the uterus and the ovaries beyond the scope of preventive examination with storing the records in the healthcare record.     300 CZK
Assessment of the fetal gender upon patient request.     300 CZK
Recording of ultrasound examination on DVD.     500 CZK
3D/4D screening of the fetus including recording on DVD. 1500 CZK


Administrative acts Price
Sending results of cytology via email or SMS and potential sending a prescription for the medication, resulting from the examination and consultation.     50 Kč
Writing up the application for UPT (induced abortion). 1000 Kč
Copy of an entry in the healthcare record (upon patient request). 200 Kč
Processing of laboratory tests results and their sending to the patient via email with a comments and recommendations, possibly including the prescription for the medication by the Czech Post. 50 Kč
Consultations and issuing a prescription for contraception for a non-registered client. 200 Kč
Consultations and issuing a prescription for contraception for an uninsured client. 500 Kč