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Operation Price
Disposable examination and sampling tools. 50 CZK
Insertion of intrauterine contraceptive device, including US check up of the IUD position. 1500 CZK
Application of an intramuscular contraceptive injection. 150 CZK
Application of a vaccine (Cervarix, Silgard). 150 CZK
Sampling for cytology into the liquid medium (LBC method)     800 CZK
Sampling for high risk type HPV (upon patient request). 1500 CZK
Sampling for chlamydia infection test (upon patient request). 1500 CZK
Sampling for cultivation of vaginal discharge (upon patient request). 700 CZK
Postponement of menstruation for nonmedicinal reasons, including recommendations to the patient and issuing a prescription. 300 CZK
Consultation with the nonregistered client. 800 - 1500 CZK
Complete gynaecological check up including cytology + US for uninsured patient. 3700 CZK
Consultation, treatment of uninsured patient according to its range and possible laboratory tests. starts at 1500 CZK
Medical care – upon patient´s request beyond the ProfiGyn office hours every 15 min. 500 CZK


Ultrasound Price
Ultrasound scan photo. 100 CZK
Complete gynaecology US examination. 500 CZK
Assessment of the fetal gender upon patient request.     300 CZK
3D/4D screening of the fetus including recording on DVD. 1500 CZK


Administrative acts Price
Sending results of cytology via email or SMS and potential sending a prescription for the medication, resulting from the examination and consultation.     150 CZK
Consultation and application for the termination of pregnancy. 1000 CZK
Copy of the medical health report upon patient request. 300 Kč
Lost document  reissuing /reprinting 100 CZK
Consultation and prescription of contraception for uninsured or non-registered client 500 CZK
No show - missed appointment without excuse 200 CZK