We offer you a modern gynecological practice, a pleasant, discreet environment, and empathetic specialized care with extended working hours. Every patient has the possibility to make an appointment for a specific date and time. As a private healthcare establishment, we would like to meet the special needs of our clients. This is why you can also choose a suitable package of above-standard healthcare services, through which we are expanding the range of healthcare standards provided by health insurance companies. All the healthcare records are currently being gradually converted into electronic form. For this reason, you will be asked at your next visit to complete a questionnaire on your present state of health.

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We have contracts with these Czech healthcare insurance funds:

  • VZP 111
  • OZP 207
  • ZPMV 211
  • VoZP 201
  • ZPŠ 209
  • ČPZP 205
  • RBP 213

Kamila Nouzová, MD


MUDr. Kamila NouzováKamila Nouzová (M.D.), a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, has been devoted to the care of her patients since 1993. After her 1st attestation (medical postgraduate certification), she gained experience in the non-state healthcare establishment GynCentrum in Prague 9, where she spent 14 years. In the middle of 2011 she started to run a gynecological practice in the non-state healthcare establishment Remedis, s.r.o in Prague 4. From January 1, 2014 MUDr. Kamila Nouzová carries on with outpatient gynecology and care for pregnant women in her own practice ProfiGyn, s.r.o. in premises of the Municipal Health centre Prague, Spálená 78/12, Praha 1.