We endeavour to offer a high standard of health care to the clients of ProfiGyn and sufficient time for examinations and following consultations, along with recommending adequate care. Patients have the possibility to choose from several programmes, which always contain the necessary standard covered by the public health insurance funds. Furthermore, they can also choose some of the more comfortable above-standard healthcare services.

Gynecological prevention covered by Czech health insurance companies

Gynecological prevention, provided once a year, covered by health insurance companies, includes:

  • Completion of data on the current state of health, suffered diseases, undergone surgical interventions and medication, taken over a long period
  • Microscopic examination of the cervix surface, i.e. colposcopy, taking smears out of the cervix surface and of the cervical canal. Both the smears are spread on a slide and fixed with a chemical substance. The actual reading is performed in the specialized, so called cytological laboratory. The result of cytology is usually available within 14 - 21 days.
  • Palpation, the bimanual pelvic examination, of the uterus (womb), cervix and so called areas surrounding the uterus, where the fallopian tubes and the ovaries are located (the recovery of the “hands-on” pelvic examination is dependent on the thickness of subcutaneous and visceral fat of the patient).

Because health insurance companies do not cover the ultrasound examination of the lesser pelvis in case of preventive check-ups, we recommend to women to choose one of our above-standard programmes or to pay for the ultrasound examination separately (the cost is 300 CZK).

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