The PREGNANCY Package contains:

  • ultrasound examination to determine fetal viability at every visit of the ante-natal clinic
  • possibility to have a close person present at the ultrasound examination of the fetus
  • photos and short videos recorded on DVD or USB during the ultrasound examination of the fetus with the possibility of 3D or 4D ultrasound scan
  • determination of the length of the neck of uterus in order to assess the risk of the premature childbirth after the 20th week of pregnancy
  • assessment of the fetal gender
  • ultrasound examination of the fetus before the entrance to the prenatal care after the 36th week, so as to specify the position of the fetus, its weight estimation, the volume of the amniotic fluid and localization and function of the placenta.

PREGNANCY Package Price: 4 500 CZK, clients with ProfiGyn Package 3 500 CZK